Quality Control

IDEC focuses their attention on creating quality products that are safe and easy to use.  Each and every person participates in the process of establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality management system. We strive to develop superior products that meet users’ complete satisfaction in the most economical way. We are continuously improving the quality of our process to ensure that IDEC remains a Quality Leader in the world market.

Basic Approach to Quality

Creating safe and easy to use products, our utmost quality objective, cannot be achieved through functionality alone. Our products must meet a variety of factors such as economical considerations, usefulness, safety, services, market fitness, and supplying attractive products and services in a timely manner. By forging ahead of others, IDEC can react to the changing needs of the market.

Quality Process

IDEC has a comprehensive corporate-wide quality policy that focuses on the safety and user-friendliness of products. This policy is implemented by everyone engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

  • Product Evaluation
    Regular and special product testing and performance evaluation
  • Production Quality Check
    Comprehensive quality assurance system throughout production processes
  • Engineering Quality
    Investigation prior to and during design specification confirmation
  • Marketing Quality
    Determining market needs ahead of others, and incorporating them into product planning
  • Sales Quality
    Providing information necessary to promote IDEC products
  • Distribution Quality
    Delivering goods as requested by customers by protecting them in transit
  • Claim Handling
    Responding swiftly to complaints, and finding out the true cause of any issue to prevent future claims
  • Testing and Analyzing
    Testing, analyzing and approving new products