AnyNet 2-axis stepper Expan


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Key Features

• 2-axis motion controllers with expansion capabilities
• Expand up to 12 axes 
• Interpolated motion (circular & linear) 
• Encoder feedback for closed loop motion control 
• Use for Servo or Stepper control 
• Simplified programming with WindLDR macro instructions

Motion Capabilities Two independent single axes or interpolation (circular & linear)
Number of Channels 2
Maximum Output Frequency 1MHz differential, 100KHz open collector
Auxiliary Input CW limit switch or E-stop input
Encoder Feedback 1 per axis: A, B, and Z differential inputs
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Datasheet PDF --- PDF Download
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User Defined Macros - WindLDR PJW --- PJW Download
AMCI-IDEC IP Configuration ZIP --- ZIP Download
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3D Drawing ZIP 32,842K ZIP Download
Approval Certificate - CE PDF --- PDF Download
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