HG2G Series

Key Features

  • 5.7” STN LCD OI Touchscreen
  • 256 color or 15 level monochrome
  • Super bright LCD screens: -Monochrome: 500 cd/m2 -Color: 350 cd/m2
  • 12 or 24VDC Model
  • Built-in Ethernet Port
  • RS 232, RS485, and RS422 compatible

The 5.7” HG2G Series are superior quality operator interfaces with advanced features and flexibility to your application, at a best value in the market today, guaranteed! They have super-bright LCD screen with sharp visibility, a built-in Ethernet port for remote communications with major brand PLCs, and a slim design providing space savings. HG2G Series have been designed to meet the needs of our customers. IDEC offers improved technology and performance at an even better price!

HMI Solutions

NEW 5.7” HG2G, 12VDC

Ideal for solar, oil and gas, & mobile applications
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, IDEC announces a new 5.7” HG2G model with 12V DC power. The perfect solution for customers with solar applications including traffic and road sign controls, or tracking systems where an OI touchscreen is used to monitor and control. The 12V DC HG2G is also ideal for remote water pumping stations and injection systems, especially those limited to battery-power or low-voltage solar energy. The lower voltage also makes it safer for use in the gas and oil industry. Mobile applications such as utility trucks can use the OI touchscreen for engine management or controlling lights, heat, air and accessories. Applications are endless with our 12V DC model. Especially since it eliminates the need for DC-to-DC converters, which can compromise performance.

Super Bright LCD Screens:
The 5.7” monochrome LCD screen is the BRIGHTEST in the market with an impressive 500 cd/m2 and 15 level grayscale. The 256 color LCD screen is no slouch either, boasting 350 cd/m2 illuminations. In addition, this analog resistive touchscreen provides a flexible layout, making it easy to design a custom screen for your specific application or project.

Built-in Ethernet Port:
Remote communication is simple using 1:1 or 1:N Communications with some of the network drivers available: IDEC with Web Server module, Allen Bradley Ethernet /IP or Modbus TCP/IP. You can’t beat the convenience of uploading, downloading, and monitoring the operator interface projects, data over the Ethernet; all from your desk. No need to spend extra time or money sending someone out to the field, just set up your HG2G and you’re all set!

Slim Design:
Panel space is always at a premium, which is why HG2G is constructed with a low-profile bezel extending only 36mm deep behind the panel and requiring minimum space. That’s a space savings of over 14mm compared with our previous model! Plus a power LED indicator on the front makes it easy to see your operator interface power status.

Programming Software

WindO/I-NV2 (Touchscreens)

  • Easy to manage projects and screens
  • Includes over 5000 built-in images
  • Built-in serial and network protocols
  • Pass Through Function

WindLDR (MicroSmart PLCs)

  • Online editing and programming
  • Simulation mode
  • Custom monitor dialog
  • Simple-to-use editors


  • Create a visual layout of system design
  • Manage one project file


Description File Type File Size Download
Sales Brochure PDF 1.2MB Download
Datasheet PDF 349KB Download
Automation Pkg Flyer PDF 371KB Download
Product Manual: WindO/I-NV2 Instruction PDF 44.6MB Download
Product Manual: WindO/I-NV2 Communication PDF 93.8MB Download
Product Manual: WindO/I-NV2 Hardware PDF 2.6MB Download
Product Manual: AO Installer ZIP 117MB Download
WindO/I-NV2 Character Table PDF 3.3MB Download
WindO/I-NV2 Barcode PDF 295KB Download
App Note: MicroSmart with Modbus PDF 528KB Download
App Note: MicroSmart PDF 226KB Download
App Note: Barcode Reader PDF 489KB Download
App Note: Allen Bradley Control Logix PDF 455KB Download
App Note: Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PDF 910KB Download
App Note: Allen Bradley SLC 503, DF1 PDF 740KB Download
App Note: Allen Bradley SLC 503, DH485 PDF 736KB Download
App Note: Allen Bradley Ethernet IP Driver PDF 225KB Download
App Note: Koyo DL240 CPU D2-240 CPU PDF 365KB Download
App Note: Mitsubishi without A1SJ71UC24-R2 PDF 312KB Download
App Note: Mitsubishi with A1SJ71UC24-R2 PDF 275KB Download
App Note: Modbus TCP with Emerson Drive PDF 109KB Download
App Note: Siemens S7-200 CPU 212 PDF 323KB Download
App Note: FC5A-D12 as Host to HG2G/3G/4G over Ethernet PDF 545KB Download

Description File Type File Size Download
AO Demo ZIP 200MB Download
AO Upgrade-New Users ZIP 237.5MB Download
AO Upgrade-Existing Users ZIP 121MB Download
AO Revision History ZIP 393KB Download
Pass Through Tool ZIP 7.44MB Download
Communications Cable & Supported PLCs ZIP 18.7KB Download