SLC40 Series

Key Features

  • Combine multiple pilot lights into a single matrix
  • LED or Incandescent Illumination
  • Up to 105 windows (7 rows by 15 columns)
  • Variety of window sizes can be combined in almost any combination
  • Tilt-down windows enhance window visibility from below
  • Multiple layer lens construction allows for several engraving options

The SLC40 series is a made-to-order pilot light matrix which mounts directly into any type of panel. Based on a 40mm square building block, units can be built up to 105 windows. Featuring oversize windows, tilt down lens frames to enhance visibility from below, and multiple window sizes that can be mounted collectively, the SLC40 series can offer a solution for almost any panel indicating requirement. By integrating multiple pilot lights into one device, cost savings can be realized in panel layout and design time. Lamps are available in LED or incandescent bulbs, and can be full voltage (6V, 12V, 24V AC/DC) or incorporate a transformer (120VAC or 240VAC). All terminations are via screw terminals and standard jumpers help simplify wiring.

SLC40 series are assembled to customer specifications. An order form must be filled out and customer drawing may be required to identify window colors and placement. Text engraving services are also available and must be provided with customer drawing. For more information or pricing, please download the following order form or contact IDEC.

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