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MicroSmart Pentra 12I/O CPU with built-in Ethernet and USB port, 8 inputs, 4 transistor sink outputs


MicroSmart Pentra 12I/O CPU with built-in Ethernet, MRAM memory and USB port, 8 inputs, 4 transistor sink outputs


MicroSmart Pentra 12I/O CPU with built-in Ethernet and USB port, 8 inputs, 4 transistor source outputs


MicroSmart Pentra slim 16I/O CPU, 24VDC power, 8 inputs, 6 Relay and 2 Trans. Sink outputs, Max. 496 I/Os


MicroSmart Pentra slim 16I/O CPU, 24VDC power, 8 inputs, 6 Relay and 2 Trans. Source outputs, Max. 496 I/Os


MicroSmart Pentra slim 32I/O CPU, 24VDC power, 16 inputs, 16 Transistor Sink outputs, Max. 512 I/Os


MicroSmart Pentra slim 32I/O CPU, 24VDC power, 16 inputs, 16 Transistor Source outputs, Max. 512 I/Os


MicroSmart Pentra Expansion Interface Master Module


MicroSmart Pentra Expansion Interface Slave Module


MicroSmart Pentra Expansion Interface Module

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MicroSmart Pentra

MicroSmart Pentra has always meant speed, flexibility and power. The MicroSmart Pentra PLCs packs even more features into a small footprint to create an even more powerful controller with a response time up to 16 times faster than leading competitors’ PLCs.

The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra with web server functions boasts powerful features that no competitor in the micro PLCs market can match. With an embedded 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet port and remote connectivity, communication can be done at a faster speed. These controllers not only support Modbus TCP, but also have the capability to send up to 255 email messages with dynamic data and have 1MB for a user web page. These PLCs can be configured to communicate with WindLDR software, IE/Firefox/Safari web browsers, WindSRV OPC software, HG operator interface, and Modbus TCP, all at the same time. Up to 14 simultaneous connections can be established!

MRAMAll new batteryless models are designed with MRAM memory so your PLC can store values permanently. This makes them ideal for applications that need to retain critical data permanently, beyond the 30 days and limited life expectancy of a backup lithium battery.

Rugged, compact, modular design
Every CPU module comes equipped with embedded I/O points, and you can conveniently add snap-on expansion modules for up to 512 I/Os based on your system requirements. All MicroSmart controllers are DIN-rail and panel mountable.

All MicroSmart Pentra PLCs meet the highest standards for safety including: cULus listed for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, CE compliant, as well as certified for marine use by ABS, DNV, and Lloyd’s Registry.

Programming Software

WindO/I-NV2 (Touchscreens)

  • Easy to manage projects and screens
  • Includes over 5000 built-in images
  • Built-in serial and network protocols
  • Pass Through Function

WindLDR (MicroSmart PLCs)

  • Online editing and programming
  • Simulation mode
  • Custom monitor dialog
  • Simple-to-use editors


  • Create a visual layout of system design
  • Manage one project file



Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

  • Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D
  • Class I, Zone 2 Ex nC IIC

MicroSmart FC6A

• WindEDIT App for iOS and Android
• Bluetooth communication
• Embedded SD port
• Modbus TCP and RTU
• Data Logging
• Web Server Functions

Plus Type:
• Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
• Up to 33 serial ports
• Maximum 2060 digital I/O
• Maximum 511 analog I/O
• BACnet (spring 2018)

All-in-One Type:
• Embedded Ethernet port
• SAE J1939 CPU
• Maximum 520 digital I/O
• Maximum 126 analog I/O
• Embedded RS232C/RS485 user selectable

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FL1F SmartRelay

• Embedded RJ45 Ethernet Port 
• Micro SD Card 
• Data Logging 
• Integrated Web Server 
• iOS and Android App available
• 1:N Communication 
• New and improved Text panel display
• Two RJ45 Ethernet ports

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• Available in 3.8” PLC + HMI and 12,
24, 40, 48 I/O controllers
• Embedded RJ45 Ethernet port
• Modbus TCP & RTU
• Built-in 2-8 analog inputs
• 10A relay contacts
• Built-in real time clock
• USB maintenance port
• SD memory for data logging
• Supports remote I/O

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FT1A Touch

• 3.8” HMI+PLC
• Models with 12 or 14 I/O
• Embedded RJ45 Ethernet Port
• Modbus TCP or RTU
• Built-in 2 analog inputs
• Built-in 2 analog outputs
• Optional Analog Cartridges
• PID Controls
• USB Maintenance Port
• Seamless interface with other PLCs
• -20 to 55°C operating temp

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MicroSmart Pentra

• Embedded Ethernet CPU
• Modbus TCP, RTU and ASCII
• 1MB user web page
• Email and text notifications
• Maximum 512 I/Os
• Available in brick (10, 16, 24 I/O)
and slim (12, 16, 32 I/O) CPU

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Starter Kit

Thinking of upgrading your current system? Trying to keep your costs low? IDEC has the answers you’re looking for. Our Starter Kits include components built to work together to give you the most for your money. Starter Kits provide everything you need to automate an existing system with ease, providing a complete automation control strategy at a bargain price. Each Package includes an IDEC touchscreen, a MicroSmart Pentra PLC (Slim or All-in-One design), a slim power supply, cables and software. Get everything you need in one package without breaking the bank!

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