IDEC Proprietary Agricultural Technology

Next generation soil-based cultivation model

Our integrated cultivation manages both root systems and photosynthesis.

IDEC Our commitment to soil

  1. 1. Environmentally Friendly

  2. An eco-friendly, sustainable model of agriculture can be implemented by ecological farming methods using high quality soil.

  3. 2. High quality crops!

  4. Plants directly absorb various amino acids in addition to inorganic matter in soil. Amino acids are known as the "umami" component which is an important determinant of flavors and nutritional values of food.

  5. 3. Crop diversity!

  6. Soil allows the cultivation of a variety of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens, strawberries and tomatoes, contributing to the overall profitability!!

New technology : Application of fine-bubble water

Water containing microscopic bubbles (fine bubbles) supplied by AgriGALF greatly promotes the growth of plant roots and stimulates microbiological activities in the soil, which enables the roots to absorb more nutrients.