Brand Tomato "Yume Akane"

"Everything begins with the soil"

We raise our crops with utmost care
from the very beginning: soil-making.

In a relentless quest for safe, healthy, satisfying and tasty
produce, we grow tomatoes with the richest flavors using the
right soil, organic fertilizers and the cultivation methods that
make the most of natural energy resources. Our original cultivation
methods enhance the fertility of soil and our commitment to
high-quality soil allows us to enrich the taste by 200%.

Tomatoes with high nutrition value are excellent for beauty and health

Lycopene is a bright red pigment naturally found in
tomatoes.Its antioxidant power is said to be twice as
much as β-carotene's. Tomatoes have been known
as an anti-aging superfood because of this antioxidant.
High levels of potassium and Rutin contained in tomatoes
help control high blood pressure.

In addition to its high nutritional value, a unique texture and "umami," our tomatoes are bred to feature a depth of flavor meeting our highest standards.

A refined fruit-like taste has been achieved through a perfect balance of elevated sweetness and modest tartness.