A New Era for Energy
Local production and local consumption
A new era for energy
Local production and local consumption

Resources such as petroleum gas, natural gas and coal are called “exhaustible energy.” They are not renewable. Once used up, they are gone. Some predict in another 50 years, others in 100 years the supply of gasoline will be depleted. In either case, we know that the end will come as long as we continue consuming it.

On the other hand, sunlight, geothermal heat, running water, wind, and tide are inexhaustible. They are natural and generate renewable energy. The sun shines, and the wind blows. Hot springs remind us that vast supplies of geothermal heat lie beneath. Rivers run through, and our land is completely surrounded by oceans. Although the resources of our land are limited, we have great technologies that are leading the world.

We are certain that we can create the new future of energy.