Repair and Maintenance


Solar power stations require maintenance. To minimize any loss in power output, monitoring, regular inspections, repairs, and facility maintenance are required. Your solar power system is completely safe with our proven inspection and maintenance system.

Possible Causes for Solar Power losses

There are many factors affecting solar power generation.

Solar module damage or failure Power conditioner breakdown Power conditioner power loss Power conditioner disconnect Natural Causes
  • • Cluster failure
  • • Bypass diode disconnect
  • • Cable disconnect
  • • Hot spot on panel
  • • Cracking
  • • Snail trail
  • • Panel damage such as PID
  • • Breaker tripping 
  • • Temporary power outage due to lightning
  • • Temporary power outage due to system repair
    • • Power decline due to a temperature rise
    • • Inverter software glitch
  • • Damage due to extreme weather, such as a snow storm or typhoon
  • • Shading from overgrown grass and trees
  • • Bird droppings
  • • Fallen leaves
  • Our O&M Services

    Operations & Maintenance(O & M) of IDEC that takes advantage of technological capabilities


    Monitor power generation and detect malfunctions quickly. Analyze changes in power output and compare year-to-year output or output by string.

    Regular Inspections (Optional)

    Inspect solar modules for discoloration and dirt, and junction boxes for disconnection and loose wiring. Check the appearance of panels, including the conditions of screws on the panel frames. Measure voltage discharge, I-V curves, and insulation resistance.

    Emergency measures

    Activate the power conditioner alarm, and rush to the site and take urgent measures, in the event of abnormal power generation, natural disaster, fire, break-in, invasion by wild animals, etc.

    Repair service

    Repair the failed solar power system, check individual devices to identify the cause of the failure, and recommend necessary changes to the power producer.

    Site management

    Cut grass, clean solar modules, deal with wild animal control, and improve security as requested by the power producer.

    Our O&M Service Menu

    Customers can select the type of services they require; however, our monitoring service is a prerequisite for the other services listed below.

    • 監視
    • 定期点検
    • 緊急対応
    • 修理対応
    • サイト管理

    サービス例1:監視のみ サービス例2:監視とメンテナンス サービス例3:フルパッケージ

    • • System monitoring (24 hours/365 days)
    • • Power generation data management
    • • Reporting
    • • Maintenance history report management
    • • Emergency contact
    • • Regular inspection of the entire solar power system (monthly) 
    • • Regular inspection of the combiner boxes, inverter (annually)
    • • Rushing to the site in emergency
    • • Inspection and trouble shooting
    • • Identifying problems and causes
    • • Repairing separate primary devices
    • • Trimming grass
    • • Cleaning alleys

    * Inspection details and the frequency of inspection may differ depending upon the safety requirements of each system.