What Makes Us Leaders in Our Industry?

  • Highest Efficiency MicroInverter

    Easy to install at both residences and businesses, our capacitors are the most reliable and productive.

  • Large Touchscreen for 24/7 Monitoring

    In-home monitoring lets customers view output energy at any hour of the day with an easy-to-use touchscreen panel.

  • Made in the USA

    Quality manufacturing, simple installation with remote assistance and 24/7 Customer Support.

Our Technology: How It Works

The Chilicon Power Microinverter

With microinverters, solar panels can be positioned to take advantage of the best angles, maximizing the power generation for each panel. Each panel constantly balances its output automatically to maximize its energy output.

Chilicon Power designed the highest efficiency microinverter in the world with built-in, long-term reliability thanks in part to the use of the most reliable type of capacitors (unlike competitors using electrolytic capacitors known to fail early).

Our technology is highly scalable from a few hundred watts to several kilowatts, which enables the quick introduction of new inverters to compliment our CP-250.

The Chilicon Power MicroInverter System

Each Microinverter integrates with advanced networking technology and web-based software to enable new levels of intelligence and connectivity in the solar array.

Installation and Assistance Has Never Been Easier!

Remote support at startup provides the installer with all required assistance when installing, configuring and starting up the system. Installation therefore requires no special expertise, as this knowledge and assistance is provided by Chilicon Power personnel. If desired, Chilicon Power personnel can even provide complete expert remote configuration and startup services. This limits installation requirements to actual installation and wiring of the solar panels and the GATEWAY.


Chilicon Power CP-250 Inverter

Our microinverter performance leads the industry with sustained power production of 250 watts AC, which eliminates clipping on 60-cell modules. Grid-interactive conversion occurs with a CEC rating of 96% with peak efficiency of 96.6%.

Reliability is achieved by using only components with a lifespan rated to at least 200,000 hours of service (50 years of operating time). Firmware provides high-frequency grid monitoring to ensure safe operation during anomalous events. The inverter enclosure and inputs are galvanically isolated from the grid connection, and integrated surge protection is provided up to 6000V AC, to give customers the ultimate safety barrier.

Magnetic component optimization and on-line adaptive switching techniques maximize efficiency and reduce cost. Chilicon inverters have been designed ground-up to provide reliability, efficiency, and lean construction to provide customers with the best possible inverter solution for their power generation project.


This system automatically detects and binds the inverters to the GATEWAY, and registers them on the Cloud. Remote Control capability enables installers to be assisted in real-time by the Chilicon Power support team whenever they need help. Hit the ground running without the need for expensive or time-intensive training.

The Power of a Microinverter

  • Optimization of each panel for full power output
  • Continued operation of other panels should one fail
  • Simpler installation
  • Installation of exact number of panels for optimal operation
  • Enhanced safety: voltage never exceeds 240V A

Benefits of a Chilicon microinverter

  • Higher efficiency: 96%
  • Communication up to 400 feet from the microinverters
  • 25-year warranty
  • Made in America

Remote Monitor and Control

The GATEWAY monitoring system communicates with up to 255 microinverters in a solar array, running cloud interconnected or as a stand-alone. With a 7" 800 x 480 LCD touchscreen, the GATEWAY can be hung on the wall or connected to the internet so operation of the solar system can be monitored from any mobile device.

GATEWAY is the first to combine:
  • Power production monitoring
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Home automation

A power measurement device can be installed at the electric meter allowing the GATEWAY to display the total power being produced and consumed at any point in time. This allows homeowners and commercial installations to optimize power consumption patterns. Plus, by adding a simple contactor to the AC compressor and connecting this contactor to the GATEWAY, the GATEWAY can ensure peak demand does not exceed a certain value, keeping utility bills within a certain tariff bracket.

Setup of the solar array configuration occurs on the GATEWAY screen setup and is automatically posted to the cloud when cloud interaction is enabled. This communication uses a sophisticated, multi-rate, error-resistant and encrypted power line communication technology. The GATEWAY also has a zWave (908MHz) wireless interface enabling power consumption monitoring. With connection of the GATEWAY to the Internet, customers can even allow Chilicon Power personnel to remotely access the GATEWAY and configure the solar power system to put it into operation.


The Power of a Gateway Interface

  • Full-color screens for easy viewing from any angle
  • Overview screen shows solar power system operation
  • Additional screens show specific system details
  • Remote access via smartphone or tablet
  • Remote access by Chilicon Power personnel for customer support and system monitoring
  • Mounting options: Wall or flush
  • Uses standard 120V or 208V AC power

The Power of the Cloud Overview

The Chilicon Power Gateway provides the customer self-contained and fully featured setup and display capabilities. However, since installers and leasing companies with power purchase agreements in place will often want to monitor production data remotely, Chilicon Gateway devices come provisioned with Wi-Fi and 100 BaseT Ethernet peripherals to enable remote connection to our cloud service.

The cloud service provides historical production and status information for every registered inverter. Multiple levels of redundancy exist for production data, starting with the flash memory of the inverter itself, to backup in the gateway of information received from the inverter, to enterprise grade data warehousing at the cloud service facility.


The Power of the Cloud

  • Accessible from ANYWHERE on ANY Device with an internet connection
  • Complete monitoring
  • Assists installers and owners in identifying issues 24/7

Industrial Components

IDEC designs and manufactures control automation products that are sold to original equipment manufacturers. Our goal is to meet our customers' ever-changing needs with quality products at a competitive price. With products that direct processes and systems, our components are used in a variety of applications. You may see our switches in an elevator, a subway station or on a factory control panel. Our relays, power supplies or timers may be in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit or a water dispensing machine. Our PLCs might be controlling robots in a manufacturing process or factory automation setting. In addition, our products can be found at car washes, in vending machines, animal feedlots, escalators, and water treatment plants.

Worldwide Networks

Part of a global network, IDEC's parent company IDEC Izumi is known worldwide for its quality and reliability in the pushbutton industry. IDEC Izumi has been in business for over half a century. With a strong presence in Asia, North America, Central and South America, Australia and Europe, IDEC products can be found all over the world.

Our manufacturing plants for Chilicon microinverters are in the United States.

IDEC USA was established in the United States in 1975 and provides quality products, excellent customer service and a reliable name that customers can trust. IDEC USA has subsidiaries in Canada and Australia with a strong sales network that also covers Latin America. No matter how far mechanical performance may evolve, no matter how advanced the technology, you can count on IDEC provides not only the best products, but also the best customer service, technical assistance and delivery.

We have more indepth company profile information on our main site: www.IDEC.com/usa


General Environmental Policy

IDEC is dedicated to the global goal of safeguarding the environment. Because of this, IDEC has made environmental safety and quality a top priority in all aspects of its business.

Environmental Interest

Each and every employee of IDEC is actively involved in helping the environment, including taking part in an extensive recycling program.

Environmental Activities

IDEC is working continuously to improve the Earth’s atmosphere by reducing industrial waste, contamination and pollution.

Development of Environmentally-safe Products

IDEC is actively integrating environmental considerations into all the products it develops.

Commitment to ISO14001 Compliance

IDEC is developing a worldwide environmental management system, based on ISO 14001 standards. ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Reach.


Chilicon Alliance

Pushing the limits of innovation

Did you know that back in the 1980s, IDEC introduced the world’s first micro PLC? More recently, IDEC has built up the most complete line of switches on the market, offering more than a half million combinations of pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and emergency stops. Now, a groundbreaking new IDEC product is providing the most efficient automation solution in the industry by combining HMI and PLC functions in one compact unit. From high-performance HMI+PLCs to iconic yellow relays, IDEC continues to push the limits of innovation. 

As an environmentally-conscious company, this also means investing in renewable energy and sustainability. By partnering with Chilicon Power, IDEC will help provide effective, high-quality products using advanced technology to control and monitor renewable power installations worldwide. For seventy years, IDEC engineers have designed and manufactured only the highest quality, safest and most dependable automation and control products. Through innovation and technical leadership, IDEC has proven that dedication to quality and safety leads to products that provide an unparalleled experience while exceeding industry standards.

As a leading manufacturer of automation and control products worldwide, IDEC seeks to use technology to ensure a better future for everyone.


IDEC Adds Chilicon Power Solar Products

July 24, 2015

IDEC now offers complete solar energy generation and control systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Rooftop Solar System Adapts to Grid Interactive Regulations

January 21, 2016

Chilicon Power rooftop solar power systems now comply with utility regulations regarding power factor control and curtailment of power feed to grid, and also give homeowners real-time information regarding power consumption which they can use to reduce their electric bills