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Hi all

I was wondering if it was possible to use the goto screen button with a register value?

I would like to place a button on the screen that jumps to a particular base screen dependent on the value in a register.

I noticed in the Goto screen properties page that there is a grayed out section for the screen number to use a reference device, is this not available?

Perhaps there's another method to achieve what I am looking to do?

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Hi Barry,

You can use the screen command in stead of the screen button.
In the properties of the screen command, you can set the trigger condition.
Something like this:

Trigger type: While satisfying the condition
Condition: [FC6A: M00004] == 1


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We often just use bit buttons for navigation to specific screens based on desired parameters. For example, we have a program for an FT1A that works in multiple machines with multiple configurations. Depending on how we have the particular machine configured we need the same "Settings" button, for example, to go to a different screen with parameters relevant to that machine. The bit is read in the ladder logic, the variables are analyzed, then we move a screen number value to a register. Then in back in the HMI we have a script that moves the ladder register to the HMI special data register that specifies which screen to switch to. In the FT1A that is LSD0032, for example. Can't remember what it is for the HG3/4G HMI's at the moment. Takes a bit to setup but works great once you get it together.
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