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Hi all,

I installed the Android app and I made the connection with a PLC on my home network.
This all works fine.

Now the problem:

One of my customers for whom I build electrical cabinets with IDEC FC6A, wants to be able some
settings like timer preset values etc.
So I thought of WindEDIT Lite.
Those PLC's are in a cabinet as standalone.

So, my idea was to connect via a mini router/acces point to the PLC

I bought the mine router TP Link TLWR802N
I made the connection from the TP to the PLC and tried to connect.
But this didn't work (time out occur's)
The I putted a switch between the router and the PLC.
I didn't work neither

Then I connected the switch to the home network.
Now the connection with the PLC works.
When I remove the internet connection, everything continues to work.
But when I power off the router and put it on again the connection is broke until I
plug in the internet cable again.

Does WindEDIT Lite always need an internet connection to connect to a PLC

Any help is appreciated.

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It should work fine as within a local network setup. It may be that the FC6A "Network Settings" is set to DHCP and not static and there is no server to assign the PLC an address.
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WindEDIT Lite works very well. The main challenge with remote support is loading register values in bulk.

This question is for IDEC support: Is there a possibility that a modification to the app can be made to download data register values and do the same function as DataFile Manager?
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Call http://IP_WebPage/system/custom_monitor.html and use a DR. In the Programm move the DR to the Timer.
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Hello ChrisD,
I have done the test with a WavLink AP/Repeater, and this is working without an internet connection.
I have done the next steps.
- Configured the Wifi AP with a PC IP = (default) and set a password on the Wifi
(this IP address must be outside the IP pool you normally use, so no internet connection)
- connected the ethernet cable of Wifi AP to PLC ethernet port
On PLC with WindLDR
- Network Settings IP =
- Access Control - Enable access control for App - Configure - General : New user (user1 & psw)
- Access from App : allow access PLCfromApp & Read/Write
- send program to PLC

In WindEDT lite
- set IP address for ethernet connection
- added Connection Account (user1 & psw)
- pushed on the connection button
I hope this can help. Maybe the TPLINK is the cause.
Best regards,
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