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For a big desander installation, the customer asked us for a remote HG1G display at about 100m distance from the PLC.
(dispatch center (container))
The installation is build in a container, so can be installed on different locations.
Must be wireless, because a lot of trafic of excavators & trucks around the container.
We tried with wifi, but the max. distance was about 30 meter.
This looks also normal, a higher frequency gives a larger true put but a smaller distance.
For a display page, there is not so a lot of data to send & receive, so we developed a wireless communication unit on the 433 MHz and connected this to the serial port of the HG1G display.
On the PLC side, the same unit, connected on the RS232 (port 1) of a FC6A.
At a baud rate of 2400, we can go over 100m in a city environment (so houses between)

(we used the standard maintenance communication)

Here a photo of the unit

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For Connection over PLC you can easily connect with the help of Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM
Hope these technologies will help you to connect with your devices easily. For more learning you can also learn from expert trainer in noida that provide best plc training course for professionals.
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