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21 days ago
Product Info
Cas No.: 1711-06-4
Packing:30KG/plastic drum or 200kg Steel drum
Package: Drum
Available supply: 2000mt/year

Basic Info
Product Name: meta-methyl benzoyl chloride
3-Methylbenzoyl chloride
Alias: m-toluoyl chloride;
m-Methylbenzoyl chloride;
3-Toluoyl chloride;
3-Methylbenzoic acid chloride;
m-Toluic acid chloride;
3-methylbenzoic chloride;
Benzoyl chloride
CAS RN: 1711-06-4
Molecular Formula: C8H7ClO
Molecular Weight: 154.594
EINECS RN: 216-976-8
Structural Formula

M-Toluoyl Chloride Properties
MP: -23°C
BP: 220.2±9.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Chemical Properties: Transparent colorless to light brown liquid

Safety Info
Hazard Symbols: C
Risk Codes: 34-36/37
Safety Description: 24/25-45-36/37/39-27-26-23

a. Used in medicine, pesticides, photographic materials and dye intermediates

Customized Methylbenzoyl Chloride
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