Version 3.16

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Automation Organizer combines our most intuitive WindLDR, WindO/I-NV2, WindO/I-NV3 and WindO/I-NV4 software with a new configuration tool, WindCFG. This one-stop powerful programming software tool works with all IDEC's PLCs and HMIs.

  • WindO/I-NV2

    Programming Software for HMIs

  • WindO/I-NV3

    Programming tool for FT1A

  • WindO/I-NV4

    Programming Software for HG4G/3G (multimedia), HG2G-5F, HG2G-5T, and HG1G Operator Interfaces

  • WindLDR

    Programming tool for PLCs

  • WindCFG

    Project Configuration Tool

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