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Initiatives in Overseas Group Companies


Respect for Diversity

The HR Department maintains a close relationship with each and every employee, striving to understand their needs and concerns and support human resources development. At the same time, it offers advice and management for enhancing morale and harmony in the workplace. The workplace has roughly 100 employees, but they represent a diverse range of ages and nationalities speaking 10 different languages. We strive to create the best possible working environment in which employees and management can understand and respect their respective countries' customs, cultures and thinking and pull together to achieve the company's goals.

Employee Activities Committee

We have established the Employee Activities Committee (EAC) as an organization for promoting greater cooperation between employees and recognizing the contributions of employees to the company. The EAC is composed of volunteer members from various departments, and it organizes monthly activities including barbecues, picnics, holiday parties, in-company snack times and so on. Such events provide useful opportunities for executive officers and employees to get some temporary relief from their daily duties and deepen their exchanges. They also impart vitality to each and every employee and prove useful for enhancing the corporate culture.


Small Group Activities

Small group activities including 5S and proposal activities are actively conducted in an effort to develop the skills of locally recruited employees. Also, human resources who are capable of administering the local corporation are developed in this manner. In addition, since 2017, there have been various in-house activities to promote communication, for example, an in-house sports festival, birthday parties, club activities, a morning greetings campaign, company trips, Japanese and English classes and so on.


Support for Taking the Safety Assessor Qualification Exam

Based on application of the head office regulations, we establish regulations and systems specific to each country while adhering to the local culture and environment. Also, we offer various training programs in an effort to improve the skills of locally recruited employees. For example, IDEC (SHANGHAI) CORPORATION assists employees in taking the examination for the Japanese Safety Assessor qualification, which recognizes knowledge and ability in utilizing safety devices. It actively supports in-house seminars, OJT, information exchanges with Japanese production sites and other activities.

[Europe] APEM Group

Paper recycling

The APEM Group promotes paper recycling in order to conserve the environment.
We have placed paper collection boxes at offices, and waste paper is collected and recycled on a regular basis.


We continuously donate to an organization that supports patients with incurable diseases and to a food bank from employees and companies by using the matching gift system.
We also donate needed supplies to a hospital, a nursing home, and a non-profit organization.

[Thailand] IDEC ASIA

Local Contribution Activities

Children's Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of January every year in Thailand and events are held in various places.
IDEC ASIA donated sports equipment and stationery to children at elementary and junior high schools near from our factory as a Children's Day event.

Blood Drives

IDEC ASIA calls on its employees to participate in blood drives held twice a year at an office of the industrial park where they are based, and employees cooperate in blood drives.