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Management with Respect for Humanity

1: The concept of "Management with respect for humanity"

Since our founding in 1945, IDEC's Corporate Mission has been to provide meaning to the lives of all of our employees by encouraging them to contribute to socioeconomic life through the development and expansion of our company based on deep respect for humanity. We have adopted "Management with respect for humanity" as the underlying philosophy of our operations in order to provide meaning to the lives of our employees. The most important goal of IDEC is not to simply increase profits, but rather that each employee is able to work in an energetic manner, feeling motivation and purpose in both their work and life. We place great importance in the idea that "IDEC exists for the happiness of our employees."

2: Tailor-made human resource management

IDEC follows a tailor-made human resource management policy, which aims to use the training rotation programs and human resource allocation strategies according to the suitability and strengths of each individual employee. We are seeking to nurture outstanding professionals by planning the career path of each and every employee according to their needs and by creating job rotation programs that include assignments abroad. We also have an internal job posting system and an overseas trainee program to encourage highly motivated employees to take initiative and advance their careers.

3: Life-work balance

IDEC has replaced "work-life balance" with the concept of "life-work balance" to use as its motto. Some may wonder why we put "life" first. The decision to do so was closely related to "management with respect for humanity," a philosophy our company has remained faithful to since its founding. Encouraging each individual employee to lead a meaningful "life" is our priority and based on that, we believe "work" productivity will also increase. IDEC seeks to achieve a good "life-work balance" by implementing a summer vacation system that allows our employees to take up to nine consecutive days off, by encouraging our employees to use all of their paid vacation days, by offering paternity leave for our male employees, by offering maternity and child care support for our female employees, etc.