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About IDEC - Careers | USA

Build a global career! Exert your potential in a diverse environment!

1: Expansion abroad

IDEC has established development, manufacturing, and sales centers around the world in order to provide ideal components and solutions that match market and industry needs.  Now, about 60% of our Group-wide revenue is generated outside of Japan and about 70% of our employees are located outside of Japan.

The IDEC Group holds the long-term vision of contributing to global socioeconomic development through continued business growth attained by advancing control technologies we have developed over many decades. 

Ratio of overseas employees
Ratio of overseas employees Ratio of overseas sales

2: Achieving diversity

IDEC is seeking to create a work environment that cherishes diversity and allows each and every employee to exhibit the full potential of their individuality and talents regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, social status, family origin, religion, etc. ur corporate culture has always been characterized by good interpersonal relationships. We respect each other and strive to maintain a team player spirit when performing our daily work tasks or tackling various issues.

At IDEC CORPORATION, we have been spreading information about benefits in order to support the career efforts of our female employees in a systematic manner. By also encouraging our staff to use those benefits, we have managed to achieve a 100% return rate among our female employees after childcare leave while successfully implementing a paternity leave system for the male employees. 

3: To support global careers!

At IDEC CORPORATION, to achieve our goal, we are seeking to improve the English skills throughout the company by creating a company-wide English education system, organizing group TOEIC exams for the entire company, and providing our employees with various opportunities to learn English.

In addition to improving our English proficiency, we also provide training to deepen our intercultural knowledge, offer overseas trainee programs, and use training rotation strategies in order to improve the overseas business skills of our employees and prepare them to work in a global environment.