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Environmental Policy


Recognizing the goal of a harmonious existence with the earth that we all share, the IDEC Group makes environmental safety and quality a top priority in all aspects of our business while pursuing sustainable business growth.



1. We shall further strengthen the concept of "SAVE ALL," and shall develop our organization and management structure for promoting and practicing activities to conserve the global environment throughout our business activities.

2. We shall monitor the impact of our business activities on the environment and set environmental objectives within an economically and technologically possible range, hold reviews, and implement continuous improvements for the conservation of the global environment, including the prevention of pollution.

3. We shall obey all applicable laws, ordinances, agreements related to environmental aspects, and shall establish voluntary standards to achieve even further environmental conservation.

4. Our planning and development departments shall engage in conserving the global environment by developing new environmentally-friendly products and improving our existing products.
Our production department shall strive to develop and improve environmentally-friendly manufacturing technology, shall reduce and monitor production waste, and shall engage in conservation of the global environment.
Our sales and logistics departments shall engage in conservation of the global environment through reducing the environmental burden involved with all aspects of distribution.

5.We shall strive to save resources and energy, promote recycling, reduce wastes in all of our business activities, and engage in conservation of the global environment.

6.We shall construct an environmental management system and implement internal audits, strive to maintain and continually improve the system.

7.We shall hold environmental education and training, inform all employees of the "Environment Principle" and raise their awareness.

8.We will actively participate in and contribute to social activities related to the environment conservation.

Updated on July 1, 2007

Toshi K. Funaki

Chairman and C.E.O.