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Food and Packaging | Solutions | USA

As the demand for safety in food machines increases, you need a partner that can provide high-performance solutions. We continue to support increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems that help aid in your growth and innovation.

Attain a traceable system

Traceable systems. Attain a traceable system at a reasonable cost.
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Providing prompt solutions

Remote monitoring. Provides prompt solutions when a problem occurs.
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Avoid separate controllers

Waterproof switches. Waterproof switches eliminate the need for separate controllers.
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Get small display devices

Small display devices. IDEC provides the new benchmark for small display devices.
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Low-temperature equipment

Low-temperature-proof equipment. Solutions for using equipment in low-temperature environments.
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Consolidate control equipment

Smart controllers. Consolidate control equipment into a single controller with display.
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Improve safety and operability

Smart control boxes. Improve safety and operability of heavy and large control boxes.
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Connect our devices

Smart interface controls. Connect an all-in-one touchscreen interface and logic controller with SCADA.
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Compensate lack of workforce

Collaborative robots. Compensate for lack of workforce with collaborative robots.
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Increase convenience

Food processing control panels. Increase convenience and easily change the control panels of food processing machines that need to be washed.
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Stop safely

Smart emergency stop. In case of emergency, use the smart switch to stop safely.
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