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We have specified our reason for existence as “realizing safety, ANSHIN and well-being for people around the world.” In “The IDEC Way,” our philosophy for striving to become a truly global company, the concepts of “valuing people,” “developing people,” and “bringing out the best of people” have been passed down as our foundation.

Human Resource Management
■ Human Resource Strategies
■ Governance
■ Strengthening of Human Resource Management Systems
■ Increased Employee Engagement
■ Risk Management
■ Metrics and Targets
Human Rights and Labor
Human Rights Policy
■ Decent Work
■ Ethical Code of Conduct
■ Implementation of Human Rights Education
■ Rights for Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining
■ Occupational Safety and Health System
Human Resource Development, Diversity & Inclusion
■ Policy for Developing Human Resources and Arranging Work Environments in Order to Ensure Diversity
■ Initiatives for the Recruitment and Development of Human Resources 
■ Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion
■ Environmental Improvement Initiatives
■ Development of Human Resources to Support Safety
Health Management

■ IDEC Group Health Declaration
■ IDEC Healthcare Center
■ Periodic Health Checkup and Comprehensive Medical Examination
■ Mental Health Initiatives
■ Initiatives against Second-hand Smoke
■ Promotion of employee safety and well-being
■ Health Seminar

Social Contribution Activities
■ Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities
CSV (Creating Shared Value)
■ Social Contribution Activities