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Reducing Costs

Designing with intention to reduce costs

Keeping costs down is critical when competition is everywhere. In a global economy, machine builders not only compete with local companies, they contend with operations all over the world.

Innovating and differentiating, maintaining product quality, going to market, and improving operational efficiency are everyday challenges. Reducing costs is one more way to compete. Cost reductions don’t always have to come from sweeping changes to the labor force or supply chain. Cost efficiencies can be built into machine design or process steps that make a huge difference. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to make components that are smaller or can perform multiple tasks. We know there are economies and efficiencies in products that are durable and require less effort to install. Systems that stay up and running and can be monitored and automated reduce maintenance costs and downtime. More efficient components such as LED lighting cost less to use, and automation software reduces design costs by giving you your own set of configuration tools. 

We help you make cost-reducing decisions at every stage of development. IDEC partners with customers to develop optimal footprints both on the manufacturing floor and inside the control panel. And whether it is designing from the ground up or integrating components into existing systems, we work to evaluate and identify areas where we can achieve more productivity with fewer resources. IDEC delivers reliable products and service expertise to help you compete. We are relentless about making your systems work smarter.

Compact Components

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LED Lighting

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Extended-life Components

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Industries that work smarter

IDEC applies its expertise to reduce the carbon footprint in specific sectors.

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