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Power Supplies

5 Series
As a leader in the industry, our engineers continuously research new and better solutions to increase the efficiency and safety of our products. At IDEC, power supplies aren't just an add-on product, they are the foundation of a reliable application. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of manufacturing and design to produce a complete line of power supplies that outlast and outperform the competition! Plus our power supplies are backed up by the industry leading 5-year warranty
PS5R-V Compact Series Key Features
  • Compact size preserves panel space
  • Slim size (width): 22.5mm (10W/15W/30W) 36mm (60W/90W) 46mm (120W) 60mm (240W)
  • Universal Voltage Input: 85-264V AC/100-370V DC
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Spring-up terminals accept ring & fork terminals
  • Approved for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations
  • Can be installed in 6 directions
  • DIN-rail or panel mount
  • Overcurrent protection with auto-reset
  • Meets SEMI F47 Sag Immunity (208V AC input)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Five-year factory warranty
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PS6R High-Performance Series Key Features
  • 93% efficiency
  • Power Range: 120W, 240W, 480W
  • Plug-in output modules for additional output voltages
  • Plug-in branch terminal module for additional terminals
  • Input voltage: 100 to 240V AC (voltage range:85 to 264V AC/110 to 350V DC)
  • Up to 70C/158F operating temperature
  • DC low LED indicator and output contact
  • The terminals are captive spring-up screws. Ring or fork terminals can be used.
  • Finger-safe construction prevents electric shocks
  • Panel mount bracket and side-mount panel mounting bracket. Can be attached to a DIN rail or directly to a panel surface
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL Listed for Class I, Div. 2 Hazardous Locations
  • Meets SEMI F47 Sag Immunity
  • ABS certified for Maritime use
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PS3X Metal Frame Series Key Features
  • Compact size
  • Universal AC input voltage
  • 5, 12 and 24V DC outputs
  • Available with mounting brackets for direct or DIN rail mounting
  • Overcurrent/Overvoltage protection 
  • EMC, EN55022 Class B compliant
  • UL/c-UL Recognized
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PS3L Metal Frame Series Key Features
  • Universal input (DC compatible)
  • Finger-safe terminals
  • Worldwide approvals: UL, CSA, TUV and CE
  • Models from 10W to 300W
  • Output voltages 5V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC
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PS5R-S Series Key Features
  • Single-phase AC input (100 to 240VAC)
  • Three-phase AC input (320 to 575VAC)
  • DC compatible input for single-phase models (110 to 350V)
  • Unique spring-up, IP20 fingersafe terminals (ideal for ring lug terminated wire)
  • DIN rail or panel mount
  • Nine output capacities
  • Worldwide approvals: UL (UL508), c-UL, TUV, and CE (both LVD and EMC)
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