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Machine Tools | Solutions | USA

You need a partner that can keep upwith your growth and innovation. We continue to support increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems so you can get the most out of your bottom line.

Reduce machine tool costs

Smart safety switches. Learn about simple ways to reduce machine tool costs.
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Downsize machine tools

Compact equipment. We can help you downsize machine tools with compact components.
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Stand out from your competitors

Smart machine tools design. Our innovative interface design can help you stand out from your competitors.
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Reduce cost of relay replacement

Smart machine tool maintenance. Our superior design can reduce the cost of relay replacement and increase efficiency.
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Avoid process delays

Machine surface visibility. Flat LED lights make shatter marks on machine surfaces visible in early stages, which can help avoid process delays.
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Prevent momentary stops

Smart switching power supply. We can help prevent momentary stops that can cause machine failure.
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Add light to your processes

Flat LED lighting can be used to check smooth machine surfaces.
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Ensure safety with switches

Three-position enabling switches ensure safety in machining centers.
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Reduce downtime

Sturdy interlock switches help reduce downtime and costs.
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Avoid relay failures

Smart relays can help reduce unintended downtime caused by relay failures.
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