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Manpower Shortage

Optimizing a shrinking global workforce

Manufacturers across industries and the globe are experiencing a growing manpower shortage.

In Japan, an aging population of skilled workers is approaching retirement. One-child laws in China, skills gaps in the United States, and falling numbers of European Union workers have also contributed to the shortfall. In recent years, companies have begun automating operations, applying efficiency measures, and incorporating robots to compensate for the lack of skilled laborers. IDEC provides the tools to optimize manufacturing in an increasingly mechanized setting.

IDEC offers smart solutions for addressing the shrinking labor pool. Our remote monitoring devices provide managers and maintenance workers with operational awareness and efficiency from anywhere. Control systems with embedded software, sensors, and cameras deliver situational awareness that allows users to troubleshoot and respond quickly when operational changes are detected. Software and systems collect data and analytics to improve operations and increase productivity. 

As leaders in automation and with a decades-long heritage in safety, IDEC helps reduce the burden of labor shortages and also delivers other benefits. Our safety equipment enables environments in which humans and robots can work side by side and avoid serious accidents. IDEC’s monitoring and control systems and predictive and preventive maintenance solutions keep production lines up and running. Less downtime improves productivity and reduces costs. IDEC gives customers the confidence to meet the manpower shortage efficiently and safely.

Explosion-proof Cameras

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Applying Robots

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Remote Monitoring and Control

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Preventive Maintenance

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Predictive Maintenance

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IDEC leads in supporting a human-robot workforce

IDEC is perfectly positioned to help manufacturers address the challenges of manpower shortages. We can help ensure safe cobot environments that allow companies to take advantage of automation and ease the burden of a shrinking workforce. We look beyond traditional notions of safety to advance next-generation concepts, including machines that operate independently to ensure worker well-being. With solutions partners including Universal Robots, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, HMS, and Advantech, we develop collaborative environments where people and robots can work while sharing the same space. Our consultants provide recommendations on the proper devices, as well as planning and designing for efficiency and safety.

Industries that work smarter

IDEC applies its expertise to manpower shortages in specific sectors.

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