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Internal Communication


Information Transmission via the Internal Magazine and Intranet

The IDEC Groups communicates with employees via the internal magazine and the intranet. Responding to globalization, we have prepared the internal magazine in English since November 2016. In addition to carrying a message from the President, this aims to share and promote understanding of information on management and business topics.

Employee Cafeteria

Following relocation of our head office (Osaka) in 2013, our employee cafeteria "Sakura Café" has been transformed into a cheerful and pleasant space. We are advancing efforts to make the cafeteria more attractive for employees through, for example, providing a salad bar and healthy beverages geared to boosting the health of employees. Moreover, as a place for holding lunch meetings with customers, Sakura Café contributes to vitalizing communications both inside and outside the company.

Next to Sakura Café, a barbecue facility has been constructed in the inner court. Here, social gathering events are staged for employees after work, allowing the employees to conduct exchanges while enjoying food.

Communication through Sports

Fukusaki Town Industrial Park Friendly Softball and Bowling Tournament

At the Fukusaki Plant in Hyogo Prefecture, employees participate in the “Fukusaki Town Industrial Park Friendly Softball Tournament” every year in order to deepen the relationship among colleagues while communicating with people in the community. In 2017, voluntary members of Manufacturing HQ in the Fukusaki and the Takino Office won the tournament. In 2018, employees in the Fukusaki Office won the second place. In addition, they won the team competition of "Fukusaki Town Industrial Park Friendly Bowling Tournament" in 2017 and won the third place in 2018. The solidarity among employees is further developed.


IDEC IZUMI SUZHOU CO., LTD. held a sports festival for roughly 900 employees of the company and its subcontractors. This experience of transcending differences in mode of employment and pulling together in sports helped promote greater teamwork and motivation on the job. Thanks to these activities in IDEC IZUMI SUZHOU CO., LTD., a sense of unity has been fostered in the company and the turnover rate of employees has been greatly reduced.