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Human Resources Development


Ideal Employees and Management Personnel of IDEC

IDEC’s ideal employees are those who can take ownership of their job and carry out assignments on own initiative with passion and a strong sense of responsibility.

IDEC strives for “value-added management” where people with diverse skills and knowledge offer wisdom and ingenuity to improve work efficiency and elevate the company’s added value on a daily basis while sharing the successes equally. For this, IDEC Group personnel must share a common interest toward their work.


1. Take on challenges
Take on challenges willingly without fear of failure, rethink your job with entirely new perspectives, and using critical judgment choose the best path for current and the future challenges. Seek innovative ideas, devise creative solutions with tireless energy, and challenge everything from global viewpoints.
2. Team Player
Respecting the power of communication and teamwork, carry out one’s mission and responsibility to achieve common goals.
3. Engage in self-improvement activities
Make continual efforts toward self-advancement to help IDEC as a manufacturer improve society.

Education System

The IDEC Group has introduced systematic in-house and external training systems, a career enhancement support system, and overseas trainee system targeting young employees who aspire to becoming globally active human resources. We have also introduced an early training program for candidates for next-generation executive officers who will drive the IDEC Group in the future. We also conduct rotation aimed at human resources development and support individual career development.


Use of English as the Official Company Language

As an initiative to become a global corporation in the true sense of the word, English is used as our official company language. All employees in Japan take TOEIC® examinations, and we actively assist their English learning according to their level. As a measure to stimulate motivation for learning English, we have also introduced a system for offering financial awards to employees who achieve results on a certain level.