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16 Series

IDEC is an established and well-known industrial relay manufacturer. For many decades IDEC has supplied the widest selection of relays in the market. Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. Either din-rail, panel or PCB mounted, we have the relays that work for your applications.

RU Universal Relay

The adaptable RU series are available in either 2 pole (DPDT) or 4 pole (4DPDT) models. Both RU2 and RU4 models have multiple standard features, including a non-polarized green indicator LED, a mechanical indicator flag, an easily accessible and replaceable marking plate, and a manual latching lever, coded orange/red for AC coil and green/blue for DC coil.

What sets the RU relays apart from other relays is the unique internal construction. There is no internal wiring, which means no weak solder points and a completely lead-free manufacturing process. The contacts are cadmium-free as well, making the RU relays environmentally-friendly. All RU relays are also manufactured by a totally automated assembly process which means the relay is of the highest quality because the possibility of human error has been eliminated during the manufacturing process.

IDEC has developed an innovative and simple method of identifying the RU series of relays. Several different colored marking plates are now available that can be used to replace the standard marking plate found on the top of the RU relay.

These marking plates are available in yellow (standard color), green, orange, blue or white. In addition, the marking plates can be further identified by using either a pencil or pen to write directly on them. You can, in effect, create your own customized label that is actually part of the relay. The marking plates are located on the top of the relay rather than on the socket.

In addition, IDEC has developed the RU relay with low signal switching bifurcated contacts. The RU42S model has a maximum contact rating of 3 amps 250V AC while maintaining a minimum switching load of 0.1mA @ 1V DC, allowing you to use this relay for all your dry circuit switching needs.