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Safety Light Curtain

1 Series
Safety light curtains are one of the best ways to protect workers from industrial hazards. When your work space requires a light curtain system to protect people’s fingers, hands or entire body, IDEC offers one-stop shopping for a variety of sizes and styles, along with accessories such as cables, controllers and mounting brackets. Advanced features keep production areas running safely and efficiently while minimizing downtime.
SE4D Series Key Features
  • Category 4, PLe, SIL3
  • Slim and rugged design
  • No dead zone
  • Cascade up to 3 light curtains w/no dead zone
  • Built-in Muting Functions
  • Built-in Fixed and Floating Blanking
  • Built-in EDM Functions
  • Fast and Unified 14ms response time
  • PNP/NPN Outputs in a single model
  • IP67 Protection
  • MTTFd (year): 100
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