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Optimize IIoT Practices | USA

Using IIoT for smarter decisions

Manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to run a more efficient operation. They need solutions for working smarter, reducing costs, boosting productivity and improving safety.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is part of a continuum that begins with automation and drives the capabilities of equipment and people forward. Without the hardware, software and services that enable machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communication, it’s not possible for manufacturers to make real-time decisions or prevent accidents from happening.

In the IIoT world, machines do work for you. They report status, operating efficiency and maintenance requirements continuously and directly to the people that need to know. Secure, wireless connectivity and reliable components ensure a flow of information that allows you to optimize operations—manage more machines, fix problems faster and plan for failure and obsolescence.

At IDEC, we’re enabling this next step in Industry 4.0. We provide products to establish connectedness, deliver data, optimize decision-making and understand machine performance.

IDEC’s IIoT solutions translate into cost reductions from less downtime and more efficient resource use. They help keep your workers safe by enabling the remote monitoring of equipment, and unlock new capabilities, such as product traceability in food processing plants.

For 70 years, we’ve been in the business of automation. We’ve thought about the details of what’s needed next and we’re providing products to take you to the next level of machine and human interaction.

Remote Monitoring

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Traceable Systems

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Production Line Safety

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Smart Inspection

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How the IIoT works

The Internet of Things incorporates three layers. In the Data Collection Layer, devices, such as sensors and controllers, collect information from machines. The Networking and Security Layer is a secure network of data-collection devices that aggregate and transmit data. In the Analytics Layer, software analyzes the machine data to extract actionable intelligence.

Industries that works smarter

IDEC has applied its expertise in automating operations and optimizing IloT capabilities in specific sectors.

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