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Solving social issues through our business


Solving social issues through our products


Realization of a "factory that is resilient to infectious diseases"

■Smart RFID Reader “KW2D series"

 As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, products involved in IDEC components have been installed in all IDEC's domestic production and distribution bases as non-contact automatic temperature detection systems.
 The system combines IDEC products such as the KW2D smart RFID reader, which can manage the history by reading ID cards such as employee ID cards for, the FC6A Plus programmable controller that supports the MQTT protocol, and the HG1G programmable display with commercially available thermal cameras.
 The smart RFID reader reads the employee's ID card, the programmable display unit registers the ID card to authenticate the individual, and the thermal camera measures the presence or absence of a mask and the body temperature. If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, a red alert is displayed, and the information is sent to a cloud server by a programmable controller, allowing remote confirmation and management of the temperature of employees who have arrived at work.
 By developing IDEC products and promoting various initiatives, we aim to improve the safety, security, and wellbeing of all people, and realize a society where everyone can be healthy, happy, and active.

■Wearable terminals

 At the assembly center, we have introduced IDEC's wearable terminal-based picking operations and RFID card/tablet-based assembly to prevent hand-borne infections, improve efficiency and productivity, and solve the following five social issues.

・Reorganization of the work instructions used in each process into a system centered on RFID cards to go paperless
・Uniformity of work without relying on skilled workers too much and support for multiple languages through instructions on tablets
・Automatic collection of work hours and inspection records
・Visualization of work progress on a large screen display
・Parallel operation of multiple orders by using wearable terminals which can significantly shorten working hours and reduce errors

 Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, people's awareness, lifestyles, and social needs have changed dramatically. But changes are a great opportunity for the next stage of growth.
  By contributing to the resolution of diversifying social issues with a variety of products and solutions based on the control and safety technologies that the IDEC Group has cultivated over the years, we aim to achieve sustainable growth as a truly global company.