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Initiatives for Nature

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Water Resources


Basic Concept

We consider that biodiversity creates diverse values and services such as water, plants, and oxygen on the earth, and it is one of the most important existences that support the IDEC Group's business continuity. We also think that biodiversity is an important issue to be addressed as well as climate change.

In October 2022, IDEC approved and signed the statement of BUSINESS FOR NATURE at COP15 for mandatory assessment and disclosure of biodiversity framework, and we will proceed to prepare for the information disclosure of the impact of our business on the environment and relating-environment for accomplishing 2050 vision of "societies in harmony with nature" stated by Convention on Biological Diversity.

Moreover, based on the framework of "Governance", "Strategy", "Risk Management", and "Metrixs and Targets" of four indexes for Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNDF), our Environmental Strategy Committee which chairperson is the Senior Executive Officer in charge of the environment, has considered the future directions and code of conduct for biodiversity.

Greening of Business Bases' Sites

We have addressed to preserve biodiversity through greening of our business base sites.

IDEC's Head Office


In June 2018, the courtyard was renovated and more than 30 kinds of trees including local varieties of Japan were planted. Lowering the surrounding temperature is expected by greening.  In March 2023, the IDEC head office’s green space was certified as a private business green space with excellent conservation and creation activities under the Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System Operation, Management and Active use program (SEGES OMA) of the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure.

<Walls of the well-being center >

Green walls are installed on the 3rd floor of the well-being center (north, west and south sides) built in June 2019 at the head office. It has an energy-saving effect by suppressing the rise in the surface temperature of the building, and is also expected to reduce CO2 by photosynthesis of plants. Currently, the ivy is growing and about 150 square meters will be covered with it.