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Responsibility to Our Shareholders and Investors

The IDEC Group strives to promote constructive dialog with shareholders and investors and build long-term trust relations while providing accurate information in an equitable and timely manner. Through doing so, it aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance its corporate value over the medium to the long term.


Information disclosure policy (IR policy) / Dividend policy

The IDEC Group's information disclosure policy and dividend policy.

IR Library

Annual reports are available.

Stock information

The total number of shares, number of shareholders and rating information are available.

Dialogue and communication

The IDEC Group makes it easy to understand company information and important management information by issuing IR tools (such as “IDEC Report”, “Shareholder Newsletter”, “Financial Results Presentation Material”, “Data Book”, etc.), along with timely disclosure information, and by enhancing the website.
We also communicate with shareholders and investors by holding financial results briefings and responding to daily inquiries.