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Development of Human Resources to Support Safety

Development of human resources capable of proposing safety and security to society

Safety training is provided to all employees to develop human resources who can propose safety and security to society.
In fiscal year 2021 this safety training was also expanded to our domestic Group companies, and in fiscal 2022 safety training was provided to executive employees at the Suzhou factory, a major overseas production site. Since fiscal year 2023, we have been expanding our safety training program to include executive employees at our factories in Thailand and Taiwan. During the training, employees learn about IDEC’s safety-related history and approach to safety, safety products, and the most current information including Vision Zero* and Safety 2.0*, as we ensure their thorough knowledge through post-training comprehension tests.

*Vision Zero is an activity aimed at ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, based on the concept that all accidents and work-related illnesses that occur at workplaces can be prevented. If safe and healthy workplaces can be ensured, it will be possible for people to work under good physical, mental, and social conditions. It is believed that this will also lead to improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
*Safety 2.0 is a technological measure for collaborative safety that ensures safety by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) and allowing information to be shared among people, things, and environments.


Training of professionals who can create safety, and qualified safety assessors

The acquisition of safety assessor qualifications for employees is being promoted, and the development of human resources who can promote “safety,” “security” and “well-being” for people working at industrial sites is being conducted.
Therefore, IDEC is encouraging the acquisition of safety assessor qualifications, with the company assuming the responsibility for all expenses to take examinations and renew qualifications.

Proposal of safe manufacturing

IDEC develops devices intended for machine safety measures and, as a manufacturer, evaluates the risks inherent in products themselves during development processes and takes necessary measures to address them. We are developing qualified safety assessors throughout the company, in divisions such as the product planning department and sales department in addition to the development and design department, who are responsible for conducting internal and external risk assessments, and we have established a cycle in which safety professionals train new professional personnel. This “Safety DNA” has been developed and passed down to foster the safety culture of IDEC.

Holding safety seminars

We hold various safety seminars (online) free of charge which cover topics from fundamental subjects to application and practical use, for customers to use safety-related devices and explosion-proofing related product correctly.

Implementation of safety consulting

Utilizing our extensive experience in manufacturing and our advanced knowledge of machine safety, we provide safety consulting services aimed at achieving both safety and productivity by identifying sources of danger at industrial sites, assessing risks, and preparing and implementing measures to reduce them.