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We have identified the Materiality that corresponds to the content of a new medium-term management plan which has started in FY2023.
The IDEC Group is committed to creating the optimum environment for humans and machines, and to achieving safety, ANSHIN, and well-being for people around the world. This is our Purpose.
We are contributing to the resolution of various societal challenges through our business in order to achieve our Purpose and a sustainable society.

Looking toward 2030 and beyond, we evaluated both the opportunity and risk aspects of various societal challenges and mapped them on both axes of the significance to stakeholders and the significance to the IDEC Group. Among them, we have selected three themes that are of particular significance to the realization of a sustainable society: “Productivity improvement,” “Safety, ANSHIN, well-being,” and “Climate change.” Going forward, we plan to promote specific initiatives by sharing each Materiality items across the IDEC Group and setting KPIs to realize the vision for 2030.