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IDEC Group’s CSR


Since its founding, the IDEC Group has made "contributing to society through corporate development" one of its management principles.
We have set "promoting safety," based on the results of many years of developing safety devices, and "contribution towards achieving a sustainable society" through the development and spread of environmentally-friendly products as the two focus issues in our CSR activities, and we are actively promoting efforts to fulfill our social responsibility as a company.

CSR Policies

The IDEC Group promotes CSR activities based on the corporate philosophy “The IDEC Way”.
The IDEC Group code of conduct, the CSR Charter, and the ten principles of the UN global compact are utilized as our important guidelines. We are working on solving social issues through our business activities especially for five CSR priority areas and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

CSR Committee

We have established our own CSR Committee as an entity that will help us formulate the CSR action plan for the IDEC Group. The Chairperson of the Board is the C.E.O. of the company, with the senior executive vice president, the director and executive officers also present as committee members. We have established “ESG+Sa+Q” specialized committees under the umbrella of the CSR Committee, which incorporates the issues of “Environment”, “Social”, and “Governance” with the IDEC Group’s strengths of “Safety” and “Quality”. The chairs for these various specialized committees are selected from our corporate executive officers, with members also made up of individuals with specialized knowledge and experience. Each of these committees takes on policy-making for their respective specialized themes.
Our CSR Committee convenes twice yearly, and has reviewed and approved overall CSR activity as well as the initiatives of the various specialized committees.

CSR Leaders Meeting

We nominate responsible individuals in our various departments for CSR Leaders roles. We hold our CSR Leaders Meeting twice yearly, during which we share and promote information that has been discussed by the CSR Committee. In addition, those in CSR Leaders positions are also responsible for gathering CSR-related issues and proposals from each of their respective departments.

CSR Workplace Training

Those in CSR Leaders roles will bring the information they learned at the conference back to their departments and disseminate the information to all employees via training.


CSR Charter

To Employees

IDEC Group is committed to creating safe, friendly and motivating workplaces for employees while building Group companies where they feel proud to work.

To Customers

IDEC Group assures that customers receive safe and reliable products of high quality and high performance backed by its development, production and sales capabilities. IDEC Group continues to increase public trust by providing excellent services and appropriate information disclosures.

To Shareholders and Investors

IDEC Group fulfills its global obligations by enforcing corporate accountability and having its records available regularly to shareholders through extensive investor relations (IR) activities. The Group also strives to maintain profits that meet shareholder expectation and to increase the value of the Group.

To Business Associates

IDEC Group is committed to building strong partnerships for mutual success, growth and trust with its business associates by establishing fair and rational trade standards.

To Global and Local Communities

IDEC Group aims to contribute to global and local communities by forging partnerships with deep understanding and respect for the culture and history of each local communities. We also aim to develop a green society and a green economy through environmental activities.

The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact

In February of 2009, we signed and participated in the "UN Global Compact (UNGC)." As a GC participating company, we support the Ten Principles. We are strengthening our network with other participating companies and organizations and striving to contribute to society, with an understanding of our CSR activities from a global perspective.