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Health Initiatives

In the IDEC Group, based on the awareness that the "physical and mental health" of employees and their families is the foundation for all things, we have established the IDEC Group Health Declaration and are promoting health initiatives based on this.


IDEC Group Health Declaration

IDEC Group considers important objectives in management to be the achievement of life-work balance while giving every employee a cause to live for and a cause to work for and realization of safe and comfortable workplaces. Therefore, based on the awareness that the "physical and mental health" of employees and their families is the foundation for all things, we declare our intention to advance health promotion activities and foster a culture of "Health first".

January 2017
Health Management Representative / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Toshi K. Funaki

IDEC Healthcare Center

In recent years, the importance of disease prevention is increasing with the aging of employees. Investing in health is an important management issue that leads to improvement of productivity, increase of employee motivation, and ultimately improvement of corporate value. In addition, we believe that supporting employees to live a healthy and lively life even after retirement is our social responsibility based on the corporate philosophy of “management with respect for humanity”. Therefore, IDEC Healthcare Center (Hereinafter IHC) was established in April 2018.
At IHC, an industrial health physician works once a week and a full-time public health nurse is stationed. We are working to make IHC easy for everyone to use, such as providing mental health consultations for employees.

Periodic Health Checkup and Comprehensive Medical Examination

In periodic health checkups, we are expanding the examination items such as adding a tumor marker test for early detection of cancer. We also encourage our employees to have a comprehensive medical examination. For that, we introduced a subsidy system that allows them to have it without their own expense. An industrial health physician or a public health nurse provides health guidance to those with abnormal test results. We also work to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and its progression. An industrial health physician or a public health nurse provides group guidance through health seminars for employees who are at high risk of lifestyle-related diseases.
In addition, specific health guidance is aimed at 100% in cooperation with the Health Insurance Association.
We are working to support both treatment and work, giving consideration to employees who work with chronic diseases such as cancer and stroke based on information from medical institutions.

Mental Health Initiatives

Stress checks are conducted in all offices, including offices with less than 50 employees. Through health consultations and feedbacks of organizational analysis based on the results, the Strategic Human Resources Department and department heads work together to create a workplace where employees can work comfortably.
In addition, mental health trainings for managers are conducted to raise awareness of health management of their subordinates and prevent occurrence of mental health issues.
For those who are on administrative leave, we provide support with a public health nurse and cooperate with an industrial health physician and medical institutions to reduce anxiety during leave and help them return to work smoothly.

Initiatives against Second-hand Smoke

In order to support efforts for quitting smoking, we conducted an in-house awareness survey, held quit-smoking seminars, distributed samples of quit-smoking aids, subsidized quit-smoking treatment costs, etc. Smoking is prohibited during working hours and especially in the head office premises. We continue making efforts to further reduce the smoking rate led by the Safety and Health Committee.


Life-Work Balance

Based on the idea that a satisfying lifestyle leads to satisfaction at work, IDEC Group uses the word “Life Work Balance” instead of “Work Life Balance”. We promote creating a better workplace that aims to eliminate overtime work by implementing measures such as an announcement in the office that encourage employees to leave office early after the closing time and an execution of a program that forcefully shut down all employees' computers everyday.
In addition, we encourage the active use of annual paid leave. Currently, the paid leave acquisition rate is 82.4% (FY2020).
We have built and operated a leave system that takes into consideration the “life work balance” of our employees. In addition to the “Memorial Leave” for birthday and wedding anniversary, the “Life Support Leave” that can be used for childbirth, childcare, nursing care, volunteering, etc. has been added to a leave system.


Health Seminar

Various health seminars are held, including mental health, food education, and cardiovascular disease countermeasures. In addition to an in-house industrial health physician, a public health nurse, executive officers, and lecturers from the pharmaceutical and food industries give lectures to improve health literacy as viewed from the standpoint of familiar topics.

In addition, a fitness gym was introduced at the head office in FY2020, and we are promoting exercise habits of employees.

Food education seminar 

Health Index (Results of employees over 40 years old)

Indicators FY2020 FY2021
Specific health guidance implementation rate 54.1% 59.6%
Specific medical examinations rate92.9%83.1%
Smoking rate (male) 26.2% 25.0%
Smoking rate (female) 12.7% 7.5%