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To Improve Quality


Quality Assurance System

Complaint Handling Setup


The IDEC Group has constructed a setup for promptly handling complaints based on cooperation and close information sharing by each function with final decisions being made by the Risk Management Committee chaired by the CEO.


Quality Education

We implement ongoing and systematic quality control training having a hierarchical curriculum as systematic quality education for improving the entire company's quality levels and enhancing quality consciousness.
The training contents cover multiple courses ranging from those targeting all members of the quality management organization to those for leaders and auditors in each department. Also, we encourage employees to take the quality control examination certified by the Japan Society for Quality Control, with the objective of further enhancing each employee's competence on quality improvement activities. Through practicing the quality control concept and statistical techniques learned through such quality education in actual work and QC circles, we promote practices that lead to higher quality and continuous improvement.
See the following link for data pertaining to quality education.

QC Circle Activities

As a part of our quality control activities, employees and junior employees who work on the frontline of their workplaces conduct ongoing QC Circle Activities in each business office geared to improving products and work, enhancing the skills of members, creating workplaces full of vitality and so on. Also, we stage the IDEC QC Circle Convention, a company-wide convention, each year in November, which is designated as quality month. At this convention, selected teams from each business office present and share their initiatives and achievements as activity examples; awards are presented to the circles that conduct outstanding activities; and circle activities are vitalized with a view to realizing further improvements in the workplace.

The 4th IDEC QC Circle Convention Awards (January 24, 2019)

Global Quality Conference

The IDEC Group has production bases in 10 countries. To strengthen cooperation between domestic and overseas production bases and enhance quality on the global base, the Global Quality Conference has been staged since fiscal 2017. This conference brings together plant and quality managers from production bases in each country to strengthen cooperation through sharing and discussing quality issues and improvement measures; moreover, representatives in the areas of development, logistics, sales, and personnel also cooperate in a company-wide effort to enhance quality.

3rd IDEC Global Quality Conference (held in Thailand on December 12-13, 2019)