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Explosion-Proof Hydrogen Stations | USA

Reliable explosion-proof products developed through years of experience eliminate the risk of explosion

Risk of accidents caused by hydrogen, the future alternative energy

Hydrogen is rapidly gaining high expectations of becoming the future alternative energy, and in Japan, auto manufacturers have begun commercializing fuel cell vehicles (FCV). The Japanese government is supporting the deployment of hydrogen fuel vehicles (FCV) and more hydrogen stations are expected to be available throughout Japan. However, hydrogen is flammable and its wide explosive density range characteristics cause explosion once an ignition source such as a spark causes fire. To prevent accidents due to explosion, the generation of explosive atmosphere must be suppressed or ignition source eliminated. Because equipment with explosion-proof structure is needed to eliminate the ignition source, a design engineer for hydrogen station requires highly reliable explosion-proof equipment that can be used in a hydrogen gas environment.

Years of research on explosion-proof technology is used for safety solutions
IDEC has been developing, manufacturing, and selling explosion-proof fluorescent lights since 1953. For many years, IDEC has been advancing technology and manufacturing large number of explosion -proof products. In 1973, IDEC was among the first to launch explosion class 3 products that can be used under hydrogen gas environment, and has been adopted in chemical plants. Some of our products have been used in hydrogen stations for verification tests. Products include EX4R-DR Operator Interfaces with Touch switches, VMV Non-Sparking Explosion-Proof LED Lights. EX4R-DR Operator Interfaces have high explosion-proof performance that can be used in dangerous locations such as “Zone 1”with the possibility of flammable gas leakage. These products can be used safely in hydrogen gas manufacturing plants with storage and supply facilities where there is a high risk of hydrogen gas leakage, or fuel cell manufacturing plants where there is a risk of gas spreading indoors in case of a hydrogen gas leakage.

IDEC supports explosion-proof solutions gained through years of knowledge and experience
For many years, IDEC has pursued explosion-proof technology and created various explosion-proof equipment for hydrogen. IDEC has a wide range of products that can be used in Zones 1 and 2 with low cost and easy maintenance. Consult IDEC If you have any questions on how to choose the appropriate equipment or any concerns on explosion-proof solutions. IDEC can support in creating a safe working environment at dangerous locations with our products and knowledge.