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Construction Site Safety | USA

Provides safety for construction sites thanks to an interlocking mechanism that prevents unintentional Power Take Off (PTO) switching

Risk of human injury by PTO-driven construction machinery
Power Take Off (PTO) is used in construction machinery by the engine for both providing drive for the vehicle and for the work machinery. In the case of a power loader for example, the operator can press the switch in the operator's cockpit to change between driving the vehicle and operating the shovel, such that pressing on the accelerator foot pedal results in two different outcomes. Everyone is possibly aware of the risk of human injury from these type of mechanisms of construction machinery.
If the operator accidentally bumps the PTO switch, unintentionally causing the position to change, pressing the accelerator in that state will result in operation not intended by the operator. The risk of injury to the operator and nearby persons can be seen in examples such as when the operator wants to operate the shovel but the vehicle drives forward, or, conversely, the operator means to move the vehicle but the shovel operates, and similar occurrences. The recent shortage in labor has brought an increase in circumstances where inexperienced operators are operating construction machinery at work sites, resulting in a sudden increase in the possibility of mistaken or improper operation. Faced with this type of situation, construction machinery manufacturers are seeking fundamental measures to prevent the occurrence of human error.

Preventing human error by use of switches with interlocking mechanism

Is there any way to thoroughly prevent mistaken operation due to accidental switching of the PTO? With our long history of safety measures for various industries and work/production sites, IDEC can solve this major concern of construction machinery manufacturers.
IDEC recommends using our KL Series, PTO switches with a built-in interlocking mechanism. The KL Series features a small switch at the top that, once pressed, will prevent the switch from being turned on unless it is pressed down further. This prevents the PTO from being switched accidentally unless intentionally pressed by the operator to prevent possible occurrence of human error. Additionally, installation of these switches does not require any design changes to the operation panel because the dimensions are nearly the same as rocker switches used with common operation panels.

Let IDEC resolve your concerns regarding interfaces of construction machinery
IDEC has a great lineup of various switches with excellent design characteristics, including a full selection of rocker switches often used for interfaces of construction machinery. IDEC can provide excellent advice regarding the optimal switches and interfaces to match your use and purpose. Please feel free to consult with IDEC, with our ample and diverse history of results, if you have any questions or concerns regarding switches and interfaces.