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Production Site Robot Collaboration | USA

Eliminate risk by third party risk assessment at production sites where human and robots collaborate

Are you concerned about safety at production sites with human-robot collaboration?

Safety at production sites where humans and robots collaborate

At production sites, the environment in which humans and robots collaborate is increasing. Since robots are inherently a source of danger, thorough risk assessment and appropriate measures are required for humans to work nearby. When incorporating a collaborative robot, it is necessary to carry out risk assessment from the construction of process equipment and take safety measures. Production engineering designers who are familiar with each process and ensuring safety are in charge of the maintenance of collaborative sites, but even so, the possibility of accidents cannot be said to be zero. Many production engineering designers may be thinking, "I would like to have a third party participate in the risk assessment to improve safety as much as possible."

For safety measures, IDEC has abundant qualified safety lead assessors.

We at IDEC respond to the desire to maximize the safety of production sites where humans and robots work together and to eliminate risks. IDEC has a large number of qualified "Safety Lead Assessors" who take safety measures based on international standards, and provides safety consulting. When we conduct a risk assessment, the safety assessor will look around the site with the production engineering designer and thoroughly identify what kind of danger is lurking. If a risk is expected, we will propose appropriate countermeasures as a safety measure professional. IDEC supports the safety measures of various companies and has a large lineup of products that contribute to ensuring safety. Not only that, in order to carry out safe manufacturing and safety consulting based on international safety standards, we encourage the acquisition of safety assessor and robot safety assessor qualifications in-house, and are also focusing on strengthening human resources in the safety field. We have a cooperative safety robot technical center, and we are also accepting proposals for customers who are considering introducing robots, such as utilization methods, safe system construction measures, and cooperative safety robot systems that meet their needs. If you have any concerns or problems regarding system construction, equipment design, or safety measures, not limited to risk assessment, please feel free to contact us.