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Low Temperature Proof Equipment | USA

An operator interface for low temperature environment reduces equipment manufacturing costs at food processing factories

Installing operator interfaces on equipment for low temperature environment is cumbersome
At food processing factories where frozen food is produced, a low temperature environment is maintained to preserve the quality of food. A display is installed on food processing and packaging machines but the operating environment for the existing operator interface is 0 degrees Celsius or more and cannot be used in a low temperature environment. Therefore, in a low temperature environment, the operator interface is covered with an acryl cover, countermeasures such as sending the heat of the equipment inside is taken. However, by this method, a control panel must be created based on the operating environment, and extra work is needed. Also, there are concerns as it is not guaranteed for use under this environment.

An operator interface that can be used below -20 ºC without special adjustments to the equipment
IDEC has various operator interfaces that support a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 55 ºC. IDEC operator interfaces operate stably in a low temperature environment and it can be installed without any adjustments to the equipment. Because special adjustments to equipment and maintenance work due to increase in the number of parts are not needed

IDEC operator interface suits a wide range of applications and environment
IDEC HG1G Operator Interface is compact in size but equipped with abundant functions. With a display and control function that can be used as an operator interface, it also supports a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 55 ºC, rated IP66F/IP67, and is also ideal in a wash-down environment.
If you have any problems with environment resistance, visibility or operability of equipment, consult IDEC for HMI solutions.