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Smart Safety Gates | USA

Reducing injuries within safety gates by detecting the presence of humans

Challenges in achieving both safety and productivity

A production engineer at an auto manufacturer, specifically lines of metal part machining, was struggling daily to improve production efficiency. The most challenging problem was how to use safety measures to reduce injuries, specifically how to confirm the existence of humans within safety gates. They had already experienced many false detections and machine failures with safety mat and light sensors.
Enter IDEC. Using an IDEC device, it was possible to detect the existence of humans and solve this problem. So, what was the solution?

Prevent potential human injuries using safety laser scanners
Safety light curtains can detect when someone enters or leaves an area; however, they cannot detect the presence of humans. There is a blind zone as well. Safety mat sensors can detect the presence of humans; however, they are prone to problems, such as breakage or false detections. By listening to the customer and inspecting the production floor, we confirmed that safety light curtains and mat sensors are difficult to install and the customer has no installation flexibility.
Due to this, IDEC proposed the use of the SE2L safety laser scanners that can monitor dangerous zones flexibly depending on the installation conditions. The SE2L can detect a human presence easily from a long distance. Also, since it is non-contact, there is no possibility of failure. When introducing the device to the customer, not only did the device detect human presence, but also reduced costs by consolidating the two safety light curtains required to monitor two protection areas into one safety laser scanner. We now have a satisfied customer.
“IDEC has a full line up of safety devices. I am very glad that we consulted with IDEC. We are extremely satisfied with the result this time that it has been decided that a similar safety system will be introduced to our plant in Thailand. The equipment to manufacture automobiles is the same whether it is in Japan or overseas. We would like to recommend our method to other plants.”

Line up of various safety devices provides a safe production floor
IDEC provides high-quality safety devices such as emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety switches, safety and laser scanners, and safety controllers and has a positive reputation for having the most safety assessors in the industry. IDEC can provide your company with consulting on overall safety solutions for your manufacturing floor, not just on safety devices. Please contact IDEC if you have any concerns about safety measures.