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Smart Inspection Lighting | USA

High luminance surface-emitting lighting increases inspection accuracy

Uneven illumination leads to poor inspection accuracy

Reduce periodic maintenance by switching to long-life explosion-proof lighting

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps usually have the disadvantage of a short service life
In dangerous areas such as automobile painting facilities where there is the possibility of even small sparks in electrical circuits leading to major explosions, all devices that have the potential to be an ignition source must have an explosion-proof construction. Although explosion-proof fluorescent lights are used on a number of sites, they often have a short service life of around one to two years, and replacement requires a complete shutdown of production. When using fluorescent lights, it is an unavoidable fact that they will use up a lot of maintenance resources.

Long-life explosion-proof LED lighting that reduces the amount of maintenance
It goes without saying that it would be advantageous to switch over to long-life explosion-proof lighting that can reduce the overall amount of periodic maintenance work. Utilizing our vast experience in explosion-proof safety technology, at IDEC we offer our EF1A series flameproof LED lighting that can be used in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2. These have a service life of approximately five years which is around five times that of conventional fluorescent lights. They can be used for a long period of time, reducing the amount of maintenance work. The energy-saving design reduces electricity costs by about 50 to 75%. In the long term, this can reduce costs much more than low cost fluorescent lights. In addition to areas where robots operate, for other dangerous areas such as mixing rooms and storehouses we can also provide the same level of explosion-proofing used in painting facilities.

With our high level of expertise regarding explosion-proof products, IDEC is the perfect choice for your explosion proof safety needs
IDEC can provide expert advice on explosion-proof safety, making full use of skills and knowledge built up after years of development research. In addition to EF1A flameproof LED lighting designed for use in dangerous areas classified as Zone 1 or Zone 2, we also offer various lighting fixtures designed for a wide range of applications such as VMV non-sparking LED lighting with type-n explosion-proof structure. We also offer control equipment with intrinsically safe explosion-proof structures, increased safety equipment, and pressurized enclosures. If you have any concerns, contact IDEC. We will provide you with solutions regarding explosion-proof products.