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Code Reader | USA

New choices for code readers installed on load ports

Conventional code readers have limited options and high costs

Various devices are required to ensure proper traceability of objects. One such device is a code reader. In recent years, we have seen various types for different applications such as compact models and two-dimensional code readers. However, there are limited choices for code readers that can be used for the load ports on semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
For these load ports, the code reader installation location is specified in SEMI standard E15.1. The specifications for this location make it very narrow with a lower height than the actual code it needs to read. Therefore, reading is not possible unless there is a compact code reader that is able to reliably read codes at an angle from below. There were very few conventional code readers able to do this.

Reduce total cost with high-performance compact code reader
In conventional designs, code readers installed on load ports had limited installation flexibility. In addition to having to purchase additional parts used to adjust the reading angle, it also took a lot of time to set it up at the correct angle. There were also many semiconductor manufacturing equipment load port designers who thought that it was important to reduce the total cost including the code reader.
In response to this, IDEC introduced the WB2F 2D code scanner capable of reliably reading codes at an angle. Just 24mm x 40 mm x 32 mm in size, the compact WB2F is equipped with a high resolution 1.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor can read small symbols over a wide area. It can be easily integrated into small devices.
In addition to the auto-tuning function that reduces overall adjustment time, this model is also equipped with an image storage function that reduces the amount of work required when there is a reading error. This allows excellent traceability while keeping costs low.

Ideal for semiconductor manufacturing applications in addition to load ports
The WB2F 2D code scanner is capable of reading codes even from distances up to 150 mm. It is also compatible with various types of barcode and 2D codes.
Therefore, it is possible to read codes installed in various locations and can be used in a wide range of applications such as with FOUP enclosures holding 300 mm wafers, cassettes holding 200 mm wafers, and wafer frames that prevent damage.