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Easy Traceability | USA

Optimize traceability of dicing processes with this new code reader

Conventional wisdom is that achieving traceability requires added time and effort and costs

Traceability at semiconductor manufacturing sites is an extremely important issue. One method for achieving traceability in the dicing process is by affixing one or two-dimensional codes to the wafer frames that securely hold wafers when wafers are sliced off on-by-one into IC chips. However, in order to accurately read with a conventional code reader, adjustment of the position and angle requires additional time and effort, and it is necessary to install extra lighting especially for the purpose of eliminating the effects of surrounding light being reflected, resulting in increased costs and man-hour.
Design engineers of semiconductor production equipment manufacturers are constantly thinking how to reduce the time and effort of code reader installation and setting.

Easy method to achieve traceability with a compact, high-resolution, low-cost code reader
Until now, the selection of code readers that could be installed to semiconductor production equipment has been quite limited because of the severe space-saving requirements of users and the consequent limitations on space available for installation. Semiconductor production sites need code readers with high reading performance that are also compact in size. IDEC is proud to provide a code reader that will meet the sophisticated needs of semiconductor production equipment manufacturers. That product is the WB2F 2D Code Scanner. The WB2F has a compact body with a length of 24 mm, a width of 40 mm, and a depth of 32 mm, and is equipped with a high resolution 1.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor, giving it excellent specifications for installing to dicers. Additionally, the auto-tuning function provides easy reading adjustment to eliminate time and effort required for adjustment and extra costs of purchasing options. WB2F units have a comparatively low cost, enabling you to introduce the scanner for a lower total cost than other code readers.
Although reading errors often occur with normal code readers if performing direct parts marking to different materials, such as metal, because of reflected light and low contrast ratio, the high resolution auto-tuning function of the WB2F can eliminate these reading errors. Even if a reading error occurs, the cause can be identified from the saved images and quickly improved to also provide convenience of use.

WB2F is perfect for incorporating into equipment
WB2F, a fixed 2D code scanner has a compact body size allowing it to be incorporated inside semiconductor manufacturing equipment even with the limited space, giving it the perfect specifications for creating a traceability environment not only with dicers but any other semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well. Please feel free to contact IDEC if you require detailed equipment information regarding installation of this scanner.