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Sturdy Interlock Switches | USA

Reduce down time and cost with sturdy interlock switches

The challenge: ensure both safety and productivity

A mechanical system designer at a machine tool manufacturer develops a machining center that is capable of processing multiple machining operations in one unit for an auto-parts manufacturer.
In a machining center, a work needs to be prepared for the next machining process when one machining process is complete, which creates the need of opening and closing the door frequently. A door is equipped with an interlock switch as a device to ensure safety, however, after repeated use over many years, the interlock switch might fail due to rattling door or rough handling of the door. When such an incident occurs, the machine stops to cause down time. If it occurs frequently, customers may file complaints. Maintenance work to prevent such situation from occurring takes labor and cost. With many requests from customers to reduce both downtime and maintenance cost, he was not sure what to do.
IDEC solved the problem for him, using one product. Which product did IDEC use?

A maximum of 1-sec sag-through to prepare for momentary stops
IDEC’s PS5R-V series switching power supply can be one of the measures against sudden voltage drop or momentary stops that could cause machine failures. The major characteristic is 1-second. maximum. voltage sag-through capability, which allows for providing another prevention measure against emergent momentary stops in addition to the external UPS. A machine tool maker who used PS5R-V highly evaluated the product, satisfied with the increased sense of security. It can be used in wide operating temperature range of -25 to +75°C, and the slim design makes it possible to make small and compact systems. PS5R-V is the best choice as switching power supply for worldwide usage.

Variety of switching power supply technologies for the optimum solution
In addition to switching power supplies, IDEC provides high-quality industrial control and safety devices such as PLCS, HMI touchscreens, pushbuttons, pilot lights, LED illumination lights, safety switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety controllers. We also have a reputation for having the most safety assessors in the industry. Please contact IDEC for any concerns or questions to solve your issues on production sites.

Various control product line-up to solve problems at production sites
DEC has not only LED illumination inside machine tools, but also control products and safety products such as PLC, HMI, pushbuttons, pilot lights, relays, interlock switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety controllers. IDEC has trust and experience for safety with the most number of safety assessors in the industry. We can give you consultation on overall safety solutions on manufacturing sites, not only on safety products. Please consult with IDEC if you have any problems at production sites.